Teams Selected to Compete at 2019 IBSA Goalball International Qualifier in Fort Wayne, IN

FORT WAYNE, IN (October 17, 2018)  –  International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Goalball has announced the 32 men’s and women’s teams who will be formally invited to compete at the 2019 IBSA Goalball and Judo International Qualifier from June 29 – July 9 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, following the closure of the official application process.

The 2019 competition is a crucial chance for teams from around the world to secure their ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Sixteen slots have been slated for both the men’s and women’s teams.

IBSA member countries were asked to submit their applications to compete to the IBSA Goalball committee. An overwhelming response was received, with more applications than available spots. A total of 26 men’s and 21 women’s teams registered.

The IBSA committee then made their invitation selection based on several factors. These included team performances at the 2018 World Championships in Malmo, Sweden, and the ranking of teams within their regional Championships before Malmo 2018. Teams will now be asked to confirm their participation and start the formal entry and registration process.

If a team decides not to take their spot, it will be reallocated in the following ways:

-          To the best ranked team from within the same region in the waiting list

-          If a region is not able to occupy their full allocation, those spots will be given to other teams depending on when their application to compete was received.

Team Selections


Participants     Waiting list

  1. Host Country  USA   

  2. Europe 1st       Belgium           Slovenia  (6)

  3. Europe 2nd     Lithuania         Great Britain (8)

  4. Europe 3rd      Sweden           Spain (2)

  5. Europe 4th      Turkey Poland (9)

  6. Europe 5th      Finland            Greece (4)

  7. Europe 6th      Ukraine           Russia (5)

  8. Asia Pacific 1  China   Iraq (10)

  9. Asia Pacific 2   Japan  

  10. Asia Pacific 3   Australia         

  11. Asia Pacific 4   Korea 

  12. Americas   Brazil   Venezuela (1)

  13. Americas 2 Canada            Chile (3)

  14. Americas 3   Argentina        Guatemala (7)

  15. Africa 1        Cameroon       

  16. Africa 2nd       Ghana    


Participants Waiting list

  1. Host Country  USA   

  2. Europe 1        Russia  Germany (4)

  3. Europe 2      Greece Finland (1)

  4. Europe 3      Israel   Ukraine (3)

  5. Europe 4       Sweden           Spain (2)

  6. Europe 5       Denmark        

  7. Europe       Great Britain  

  8. Asia Pacific 1   Japan  

  9. Asia Pacific 2   Australia         

  10. Asia Pacific 3   China  

  11. Asia Pacific 4   Korea 

  12. Americas 1    Brazil  

  13. Americas 2 Canada           

  14. Americas 3 Guatemala      

  15. Africa 1      Algeria            Ghana (5)

  16. Africa 2 Cameroon

The 2019 IBSA Goalball and Judo International Qualifier will be hosted by Turnstone and USABA in Fort Wayne, IN, USA. It is expected to be one of the biggest competitions of the year and will also feature the IBSA General Assembly.



Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Admission is FREE to watch some of the top wheelchair tennis players in the Midwest.

For more info contact Kevin Hughes (Turnstone Sports & Recreation Coordinator) at or 260-483-2100 x296

Here are the cliff notes:

Friday, May 30
To kick-off the tournament we’ll host an Up/down Social from 6-9pm – This is ‘Doubles’ where one partner is standing ’Up’ playing while the other partner is sitting ’Down’ competing in a wheelchair.

Sat/Sun, June 1-2
USTA Matches will start Saturday morning (likely 9am) and conclude Sunday afternoon. Exact times based on draws.

Athletes Register on-line at:

NEW THIS YEAR IS A BEGINNER D DIVISION – Newer players who want to get their feet wet in completion but aren’t ready for the C Division can register by email ( to register Beginner players don’t register on-line


About Turnstone:  Now in its 75th year of service, Turnstone’s mission is to empower people with disabilities to achieve their highest potential by providing one of the most comprehensive offerings of services and programs to people with disabilities and their families under one roof in the United States. Thanks to generous support and compassionate staff, Turnstone’s legacy of advocacy and innovation continues to contribute to a world that accepts and values people based on their abilities. This legacy now includes the privilege of functioning as the home training facility for the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Goalball Teams and the goalball resident program through a partnership with the United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA). | Twitter: @TurnstoneCenter | Facebook: Turnstone Center of Children and Adults with Disabilities | Instagram: @TurnstoneCenter



Since its founding in 1976, USABA, a community-based organization of the United States Olympic Committee, has reached more than 100,000 blind individuals. The organization has emerged as more than just a world-class trainer of blind athletes, it has become a champion of the abilities of Americans who are legally blind. In addition to providing grassroot and development opportunities in multiple sports, USABA serves as the high performance management organization for the Paralympic sport of goalball in the U.S. Through a partnership with Turnstone Center, USABA established the first-ever long-term goalball resident program in the country where members of U.S. Men’s and Women’s Goalball National Teams train full-time. USABA’s mission: to empower Americans who are blind and visually impaired to experience life-changing opportunities in sports, recreation and physical activity, thereby educating and inspiring the nation. | Twitter: @USABA | Facebook: United States Association of Blind Athletes


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